Monday, January 07, 2008

Flying Saucer Opening an Austin Location

Flying Saucer, a Fort Worth-based chain of 11 beer bars, is opening a location here in Austin. Which would have me excited on its own, but I'm positively giddy because the new one will be pretty close to my house.
It's going to be in the Triangle (the fairly new development between Lamar, Guadalupe, and 45th Street), which is already the site of one my favorite Italian restaurants, Mandola's. And if the picture shown from their website is any indication, I'm gonna like this place.

This is an excerpt from an e-mail I got from their PR person:

Not only does the Saucer provide an incredible beer selection, but the owners try to really elevate the perception of beer. As I’m sure you know, people are now considering beer much in the same way they do wine – as something to accompany and complement a meal, not just wash it down, and something to be appreciated in its own right. The Saucer’s menu changes seasonally to reflect the different types of beer that are popular at different times of year and to allow customers to sample a greater variety. It also explores beer and food pairings, with its menu featuring a guide as to what to pair with what. The waitstaff, too, is well-educated on the different varieties of beer and can easily make recommendations to customers.

Opening day is Thursday. See you there.


Anonymous said...

Do you expect this to have much effect on Draught House, since it's so close-by? I definitely plan on checking out the new Saucer (the downtown Fort Worth location was my second home for years), but it'll be hard to beat the atmosphere of the DH.

Lee said...

Yeah, that occurred to me as well. Hey, god bless capitalism — it'll probably force both places to keep their prices low and offer lots of specials.

Anonymous said...

I hope it does to some degree, even some of the staff at draught house want this also to some degree. They are getting fed up with the younger college crowd and hopes that the flying saucer with help with that. I started coming to draught house about 2 years ago because it was a quieter out of the way place. I seen the people behind the bar get on some folks just this past weekend for whistling in the bar. :) "NO WHISTLING IN THE BAR!" As for the regular crowd I think they may try the flying saucer once but will return to the draught because it one kewl place. ALSO drove by the flying saucer last night "website said the 7th was grand opening" so on the 8th they are still doing work on the place, not open yet also seen they took the grand opening calender event off their website. PARKING WILL ALSO BE A NIGHTMARE. It was not even open and the parking lot was full.

As far as the

Lee said...

anonymous: Yes, I drove by there yesterday and took a look. I know as much about construction as I do nuclear physics, but they didn't look ready. I'm awaiting an update from their PR person.

As for parking: I think there is more parking on the Guadalupe side at the Capital Metro Park & Ride garage. But here's a better solution, if you live in the city: take the bus! Or ride a bike. I'll be doing one of those. I nearly always take the No.3 bus to Draught House. I can think of at least three routes that go to the Triangle: Nos. 338, 5, and 1. It takes care of that whole DWI problem. And hey, parking at the Triangle won't be any worse than it is at the Draught House.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I live almost in cedar park.

Its thursday hopefully they open tonight.

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