Friday, November 24, 2006

Superstitious beer drinking

I have to be careful which beers I drink while I'm watching UT football. Earlier this year, grabbing beer to take to our Glorious Victory in the National Championship, I almost reflexively grabbed some Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, which I love, but then I realized: It would be really bad karma to be drinking California beer while we play USC. Especially a Cali beer with a red and yellow label.

Today, I was digging through some holiday beers in the fridge while preparing for the A&M game, and almost reached for a Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic. Now, aside from the rather obvious point that it is just not appropriately manly to drink any kind of fruit beer while watching football – I really don't need to reinforce UT stereotypes to Aggie Dave any more than necessary (especially after the baked brie incident earlier this year) – I realized that it really wouldn't do to be drinking any @#$%! maroon beer.

Alas, dammit, the result of the game made my beer taste bad regardless. Maybe I should have bought some orange pumpkin beer?


Anonymous said...

Dave T sez...

I suggest watching future Aggie-UT games with a big ol' bottle of "Aggie Whoop-Ass Ale."

Those bottles are getting hard to find, but they sure taste sweet when you stumble across one.

Lee said...

As always, you and I have differing tastes in beer — it just left a bitter taste in my mouth.