Thursday, November 09, 2006

Drinking two-year-old beer

Okay, I can finally start blogging about beer again, now that I no longer have to blog about the election.

Just a brief post tonight, because I'm still exhausted from Tuesday and Wednesday nights. You remember that case of year-old Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome that I bought earlier this year? Which is now two years old? Well, with great trepidation, I finally tried it, and the results are mixed. It's definitely gone off a bit – it's taken on a more bitter taste. I checked it against a fresh bottle, which was definitely mellower. On the up side, though, it was such a good beer to begin with that it's still drinkable. I'll take this over "brewery fresh" Budweiser any day. Nonetheless, I've learned a lesson – don't drink 2-year-old beer if you can help it.


Bookhart said...

We have a scary 6-pack of Celis dating back to the late 1990s. I think it's being saved as a collectible at this point. And then there was that can of Buckhorn that made it from Ed Sevcik's house to ours and lived in various apartments for almost a decade before I convinced Pod to throw it out.

Lee said...

You might as well either throw out the Celis or take a chance on drinking it. Celis is available once again, thanks to some Michigan company that brought it back. Unless you specifically want the old bottles that say "Austin, Texas" on them.

Anonymous said...

Just found a beer from Germany that's 1 year old, googled and found this post. It still takes nice :)