Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Event for you brew-your-own types

[Note: This is presented by the Black Star Co-op Brewpub, not me. Questions should be directed to the address at the bottom of this post, not to me.]

Black Star Co-op Presents:
Brewing & Flavor Analysis Class
Sunday, December 10th

The first portion of the class will take the participants through the brewing process and discuss the various techniques to control the final flavor before it hits the pint glass. Although brewing techniques and process will be discussed, the main focus will be on giving the attendee the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze beer flavors and learn how to control them in the brew house and during fermentation. This requires
some knowledge already about the brewing process, so first-time home brewers may not get as much out of the class as home brewers who have gone through the process a couple times. During the class, a barrel of wort will be brewed and a few of the participants can each take home a full carboy (first come, first served). This will also illustrate the process of brewing and allow the attendees to ask questions about the process as we are doing it.

Midway through the day, we will stop for a beer tasting! This portion of the class will consist of an organized beer tasting. Representative beers will be selected to demonstrate certain off-flavors and characteristics that can be controlled by manipulating the process and/or ingredients. With a greater understanding and appreciation of the brewing process and beer flavors, the participant will leave the class with practical skills to transform basic ingredients of malt, hops, water, and yeast into what they envisioned. The trouble shooting skills learned in the class will allow home brewers to locate, analyze, and adjust the flavors (or off-flavors) in their beers (and commercial beers) more accurately and fluently.

Who should attend?:
People who are comfortable in the brewing process but would like to learn more, as well as people who wish to have a better understanding about what makes the flavors in beer and how they are controlled. There will be a decent amount of chemistry and bio-chemistry, but don’t let that scare anyone!

How long is the class?:
The class usually runs about 5 hours and light snacks and tasting samples of beer are provided.

What should you bring?:
For those who will be taking home some wort, bring a clean carboy and air-lock set-up. Any further food or drink should be supplied by you.

How many people can take the class?
Enrollment is limited to 10 participants. The option of taking home a carboy of wort is limited to 6 participants, and is avialable on a first come, first served basis.

How much?:
Class & Tasting: Members: $25, Non-members: $30
Class, Tasting, Carboy of wort: Members: $50, Non-members: $60

Note: Please RSVP as soon as possible to jeff.young@blackstar.coop. You can also email me with any questions. Hope to see you there!

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