Friday, November 24, 2006

Fine Dining

So, many posts ago, I thanked Mick and Adam for giving this book titled Beers of the World, which reviews over 350 "classic" beers, as the book calls them. And most of them are really interesting, and the book even makes some culinary recommendations to accompany each beer. Most of the recommendations are rather noble-sounding suggestions like "grilled salmon," "barbecued meats," or even "serve as an aperitif."

But for some inexplicable reason, it also reviews all the major American breweries – as if anyone who is going to purchase this would be seeking a review of Bud or Coors. So Todd P. was perusing the book before M'Lady's drunken karaoke birthday brawl, and he got a laugh out of the Miller High Life food pairing: "ham sandwiches." Yeah, that sounds about right. ("Champagne of Beers"? Well, you can get really cheap-ass crappy champagne.)

The one that really befuddled us, though, was Milwaukee's Best: "curries."

Curries?!? You know, when I sit down for a nice Indian meal, even a lowbrow buffet like Star of India, I can't say I've ever asked the waiter for a Milwaukee's Best. I've never even contemplated it. I suggested to Todd that the best thing to pair up with Milwaukee's Best is "more Milwaukee's Best." Clark T looked over Todd's shoulder at that moment and commented, "That should say 'Tums.' "

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