Friday, September 08, 2006

Yo, Shiner – WTF?

This ad was sent to me by a former San Antonian now living in Columbus, Ohio. What does Shiner mean by "we" owe Texas a few "shiners" (i.e., black eyes)? C'mon guys, I understand regional marketing and all, but are you a Texas beer or an Ohio beer? Time to take a stand, guys – no playing both sides of the fence. The sender felt a bit betrayed, and tend to agree. Hey – you're either with us, or you're against us.

EDIT: I also publicized this anti-Texas faux pas in The Austin Chronicle (scroll about one-third of the way down the page), and a few hours after publication, we received this statement from Gambrinus:

The Gambrinus Company, owner of the Spoetzl Brewery – Texas’ oldest independent brewery, and the Shiner Family of Beers, in no way sanctioned, approved or authorized recent advertising in The Other Paper in Columbus, Ohio.

Born in Shiner, raised in Austin, Shiner Beers, throughout its nearly century-long brewing history, has always embodied and been committed to the people and pride that is Texas. Preserving and protecting that strong Texas heritage is a priority for the Gambrinus Company and for the 53 dedicated employees at the Spoetzl Brewery deep in the heart of Texas.

(As it turns out, the ad was placed by Hill Distributing Co., Shiner's distributor in that area.)

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