Friday, September 01, 2006

My buddies are blogging about beer, too

Far be it from me to be the only person talking about beer. I want to offer a diversity of drunken opinions:

Bobnoxious found a great thing to do with your Milwaukee's Beast empties.

And on the other end of the drinking spectrum, Karla contemplates the divine magnificence of London pubs.

And of course, Shirl's blog indexes his posts by keyword, one of which is beer, although I see he hasn't made any beer postings since April. C'mon, Bill, get to drinking!

P.S. Not exactly regarding cheap beer (see Bob's blog), but cheaper beer: H.E.B. at Hancock Center, which has a magnificent selection, has a bunch of stuff on sale now, including everything by New Belgium at $6.99 per sixer (about a dollar off). I think I'm gonna go grab a mixed case of Trippel, Fat Tire, Blue Paddle, and 1554. Or maybe Abbey. Or maybe Skinny Dip. Damn, they make too many good beers to fit into a case.

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