Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FREE Belgian beer at Grape Vine!

I'll give you one guess what I'll be doing on Saturday afternoon. In case you aren't aware, Grape Vine Market is at 7938 Great Northern Blvd in Austin:

Beerman's Picks of the Week

Dendermonde Grape Vine Market's Beerman is possessed by the Devil!

... a devil named Belgium!

Beerman just can't get enough Belgian Beer. For such a small country (~11,690 sq miles of land), Belgium produces an astonishing number of truly outstanding beers, and it's Beerman's goal to carry every Belgian brew he can get his hands on.

This week, Belgian brewery de Block, which literally translates to "the Devil", is fanning the flames of Beerman's desire with two new brews:
  • Dendermonde
    $8.79 tri-pack 11.2 oz bottles

  • Special 6
    $7.99 tri-pack 11.2 oz bottles

Be sure to stop by the Beer department this SATURDAY, 12 N - 6 PM, where we'll be offering FREE samples of both Dendermonde and Special 6. Don't miss this opportunity to dance with Devil.

Are you ready for Oktoberfest?! Beerman is!

He's got several limited release Oktoberfest beers in stock, including Beerman's own personal favorite, Ayinger Oktoberfest.

Speaking of limited releases, don't forget the Shiner 97!

Beerman is so excited about this beer, he bought enough to build a couch out of the cases. Check it out!

Beerman's Beer Couch

This marvel of modern architecture is functional and is even set up facing the TV. It's the best seat in the house! Just don't lean back. She may not be very practical, but ain't she purdy?!

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