Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mighty Fine Beer From Mags' Denver Trip

M'Lady went up to Denver to visit our friends the Wesleys recently, and I'm long overdue in thanking her for the good beer she brought back for me. She returned bearing several pint-plus bottles from Rock Bottom Brewery, which is apparently some sort of chain, but beer like this could give chains a good name. Among their beers that she brought back: The Copper Ale (which I don't see listed here) didn't move me, but the Molly's Titanic Brown Ale was quite impressive, especially since brown ales are usually well down on my list of favorite styles (i.e., I've never been as knocked out by Newcastle as most people). It had a nice sweetness to it, not something I usually think of in Brit-style ales. She also brought back their 16th St. Wheat, which I'm unqualified to comment on since I'm just not a wheat guy – I'll leave that to her. But by far the best was the Falcon Pale Ale – excellent. I'd put it right in there with Sierra Nevada or Boulevard for hitting that just-perfect balance of hoppiness versus still being accessible enough that anyone can drink it (as opposed to the stronger IPAs that only us hop-heads can tolerate). (EDIT: Actually, I just drank another bottle and it's pretty damn hoppy. Maybe I should retract that previous statement.)

Apparently, each location has its own unique brews. Perhaps Mr. Canfield and Mr. Morris could scout out the one in Portland?

I won't go so far as to clamor for one of these in Austin – we already have North by Northwest, so we're set for slightly upscale brewpub/restaurants – but I'll definitely try to visit if I'm in one of their cities.

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canfield said...

Well, a couple years ago Carla and I were downtown, and found ourselves near Rock Bottom.

We spied a table outside, but the waitress hurried over and sniffed that they weren't seating outside anymore -- amazing since we were aiming at the only outside table without a huge crowd of guffawing preppies.

Since she didn't offer to find us a place inside, we figured we didn't measure up to their corporate image, so we left and haven't been back.