Monday, September 11, 2006

My wife has gone over to the dark side ...

Well okay, Pearl Light isn't really evil, but jeez, wouldn't tap water do just as well?


Bob Knoxious said... gotta relax on your beer snobbery. I'm really not with you on this one.

It sounds like it was free and nothing is better than free beer. I also must point out that yeah you can drink tap water, but as WC Fields said..."I don't drink water, fish fuck in it." Cheap beer is what I drink when I crave water. It is better and makes you feel better.

You may want to change your blog to I love expensive beer. Now me...I love beer...especially free beer.

Lee said...

Ah, I was just kidding. Actually, if I'm gonna drink cheap beer, Pearl and Lone Star are my first choices. You know, "shop local" and that sort of thing.

Speaking of shopping local, I just bought a sixer of Shiner 97. I hope to sample it tonight.