Tuesday, May 02, 2006

St. Peter's English Ale

The very first beer I raved about on this blog was St. Peter's Cream Stout. Now that's we're moving toward summer, I decided to move on to their English Ale – which probably isn't really a summer beer, but is a little lighter than stout to be sure. These guys at St. Peter's are truly talented, and I'm a sucker for the throwback flask-shaped bottle. This baby is mighty malty, probably too much so for hot weather drinking, but as I've noted before, the temperature in my office rarely gets above 40 degrees. And best of all, it's organically grown – you can be a drunk and a good environmentalist at the same time! I can't find the beer on their website, but I think it's the same thing as this. I'd say if you see any of their beers, grab them.

As for summertime beers, I'll be blogging on them soon. I've found some good ones lately.

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