Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Belgium Trippel

Okay, now I know I'm just sounding like a babbling geek and probably like some sort of new convert to a religion, but I'm really into the Belgian now — today I just got some of New Belgium's Trippel. Oh my freakin' god this is fantastic (please quit rolling your eyes at me). It might be the best of the ones I've tried so far, and far cheaper than the stuff that comes in champagne bottles. I swear I could drink 10 of these right now. Which, I know from a certain experience at the Draught House a couple of years ago, would be a bad idea. But seriously, I think if I was never allowed to drink anything else again for the rest of my life but this, I'd be okay with it. Okay, now I'm thinking my next vacation needs to be to Brussels.


Bob Knoxious said...

I'll be in Belgium in a month. I'll be sure to tell you all about it!

Lee said...

Man, I still had the taste of that Trippel in my mouth this morning really (and no, it wasn't because I forgot to brush my teeth). I wanted one for breakfast.

canfield said...

Another sinner saved!