Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Celis White - nope

I said in earlier posts that, as part of my quest to learn to like Belgian beers, I'd give Celis White another shot, since I probably haven't had one in 12 or so years. Well, I bought a sixer from Grapevine Market, but nope ... I just don't like it. The problem isn't the Belgianness — as I've established over the past couple of weeks, I've learned to like Belgian styles. No, the problem is that Celis White is a wheat beer. And I'll probably have the same bunch of friends ride my ass for unilaterally stating that I do not like wheat beers (just like I did with Belgians), but it's just a fact: I don't like wheat beers. And this tasting of Celis confirmed it.

At least, I didn't like the ones I've tried so far. Actually, that's not exactly true — I remember having a dunkleweissen (dark wheat) that liked. Mainly because I think it was malted to the point that I couldn't really taste the wheat flavor — it just tasted like a dark ale to me. But these summertime wheats that you're supposed to squeeze lemon into — they just don't do it for me.

However, having established that it's the wheat — and not the Belgian — that I don't like, it makes me wish I could give Celis Grand Cru another shot. I didn't like it way back when, but then I again, I thought Shiner Bock was the greatest beer in the world back then. Apparently, Michigan Brewing Co. — the company that has revived Celis White after it was out of production for several years — has also revived Grand Cru, too, although, strangely, there is no info about it on their website.

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Bob Knoxious said...

There, there,'s ok not to like wheat beers...or, in this case, even white beers (a different style from the German Wheats).

Dunkelweissen is a different style, too. It's ok to like it.

Keep drinking, there buddy...just no sweeping statements about countries or ethnicity of the beers origin. Stick to the style of the beer.