Friday, May 05, 2006

Allagash Tripel

Now this is that Belgian beer taste that I've always thought I didn't like – Allagash Tripel. All those spices. What is it? Coriander? Anyhoo, maybe I'm just so determined to acquire a taste for it that I'm deceiving myself, but I think I'm learning to dig it. I really am enjoying it, but I think I'm still in the process of acquiring, if that makes any sense. I think like the Dubbel better, but ask me again after I tried this one or two more times, and I might have completely changed my mind. Oh yeah – I tried that Rochefort that Grapevine Market was advertising. It was yummy, but like the Chimay, I'm not sure it's worth the money: $6 for an 11.2oz bottle. I tried the Rochefort 8. I'm tempted to try the 10, but it's a lot of money for one bottle. If you want to try it, Grapevine has about five bottles left.

Next up on my attempts to explore Belgian horizons: Celis White. Which will really be a challenge for me, because it's not only Belgian, but also a wheat beer, and I've never had a wheat beer I like. We'll see.

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