Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Hill Country Brewpubs Tour in Austin Chronicle

My Central Texas readers may have noticed: A whole lot of brewpubs have begun springing up in the Hill Country west of Austin. In today's Austin Chronicle, I explore how good beer is spreading to the most beautiful part of Texas. Please give it a read here.

P.S. I must offer my apologies to the Barber Shop in Dripping Springs. I love that place, and visited there in the course of putting this article together, and yet somehow managed to completely forget to include them when I wrote it. I have no idea how I managed to have such a brainfart. I shall try to make amends to them, either here or in the pages of the Chronicle.

UPDATE: The online version of the article now contains a review of the Barber Shop.

1 comment:

hiikeeba said...

That was an enjoyable article, especially when you mentioned me. :)

It reminded me that I need to visit Wimberley and Root Cellar again. Maybe on a Friday when I can swing by Real Ale on the way home.

And I agree that Pecan Street should be the social hot spot of Johnson City. I should probably contribute to that.