Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Metzger Challenges Restaurants to Up Their Beer Game

Okay, I've started to let this blog look like an abandoned amusement park. Time to start posting again.

And a new acquaintance in the beer-loving world will help me out today. As I've mentioned, back in December I started a new job as the communications director for a state senator from San Antonio, which has necessitated getting to know the news media in my neighbor city to the southwest. Among those has been Ryan Loyd of Texas Public Radio, who, as it turns out, was already a fan of I Love Beer, along with his wife Sarah, who is a fellow beer blogger.

Ryan's figured out what I wised up to a few years ago -- if you're a reporter who also happens to love craft beer, then make a beat out of it. Hey, it's a lot more interesting than sitting through a zoning commission meeting.

This morning, via my iPhone, I heard Ryan reporting on that incorrigible troublemaker Scott Metzger, owner of Freetail Brewing, a San Antonio brewpub, again doing something crazy: encouraging his competitors to get more competitive with him. He's challenged local restaurateurs to quit having lame beer selections in places that otherwise serve fine food. Craft beer is at least as interesting as fine wine, and deserves the same attention to selection. (And no, his challenge doesn't directly benefit Metzger, because of Texas' unfair laws banning brewpubs from selling their beer in other bars and restaurants, although Scott is smart enough to know that cultivating the craft beer market in San Antonio generally will eventually lead people to his door.) Good for Scott, and good for Ryan for covering it.

It's a good story. Check it out here.

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Ryan Loyd said...

Lee, thank you for posting such a great blog on the story and giving Texas Public Radio a wonderful shout out! I tried to make beer a beat in Austin but that station would not have it!