Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Local Beer Festival Canceled

I just received the following e-mail. It refers to this festival.
I have taken the decision to cancel the festival that was scheduled for April 21st. This decision was prompted by 2 factors:

·         A number of sponsors who had agreed to support the event did not provide funding in time for me to produce what I felt would have been a quality event. I would rather cancel than produce something substandard.
·         The disastrous Austin Beer Festival that was held last Sat at the Travis County Expo Grounds. The complete fiasco – well documented online – has contaminated the market for beer festivals – especially ones run by private  companies.

I want to thank you for your interest in the event and will let you know if I decide to re-schedule.


Steve Farrer


Anonymous said...

which event is on the 21st?

Professor Sudz said...

I read a bit about that Austin Beer Fest...that sounds...horrible

Lee said...

The Central Texas Beer Festival. Except now it's not. Follow that link that says "this festival."