Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Prayer for Beer

Po – a twisted, tortured soul who should be approached with caution – read an e-mail where I lamented that tonight (Election Day) I'll be way too busy to drink because I'm a political reporter, and I asked for people to pray for me as I struggled through an entire Monday-to-Wednesday period without beer. He was happy to oblige:

Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth and all that is in it,
including hops and yeast and grain,
architect of the joys and mysteries of fermentation,
look upon this thy servant Lee
who shall for the sake of those he loves
leave off from his enjoyment of the liquid bounties of creation
for eight and forty hours.
Help him to recall with delight this evening's blessing of
Pyramid Snowcap Ale.
Help him to cross through the great parching wilderness of the next
48 hours, bearing always in mind the greater joys to come.
And, while You are at it, help Obama win tomorrow so we can start to take
our sheenin' country back.
And, if Hillary should prevail in this contest, may you find it in your
goodness to help her persevere through the barbs and darts of Elephantine scorn
and derision, through to final victory in the greater contest to come.
And, dear God, should both of these thy champions fail to unseat the
Princes of the Powers of this World,
help us all.

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Karla said...

That Po has got a way with words, don't he just?