Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Beer Candidate Loses

I'm a little sad tonight. Only a little.

You see, I cover politics for
The Austin Chronicle, and one of the races I've been covering is Texas' 10th Congressional District. Which I also happen to be a resident of. We've been represented by a Republican since 2004, after Tom DeLay's famous re-redistricting. But this year, on the Democratic side, we were really lucky – we had two really great candidates. Our choice was between great or greater.

But I really took a liking to one of the candidates, Dan Grant (that's him in the picture). Why? Because after we finished my interview of him, he confessed that he had also done some research on
me, had found my blog, and professed his love for craft beers. Let me tell you, when I walked into the voting booth, I still hadn't made up my mind, but knowing that I might have a Congressman who could appreciate a Belgian trippel or the latest seasonal from Saint Arnold was pulling on me. Hey, people have cast votes based on stupider logic than that.

So I finally had to make my decision. I went into the polls, looked at that voting machine, and cast my vote for … well, my vote is secret and I'll leave it at that. But Grant lost. Now I don't know how the winner, Larry Joe Doherty, stands on craft beer, but he's a bit of a good old boy and strikes me as more of a Lone Star man. What I
do know is that he'll be a much better Congressman that what I currently have.

But I also know that craft beer lovers may have missed a chance to have influence in the halls of power. Sorry, Dan. I know you would have made a great congressman. Let's hoist a beer together sometime soon.


Robbie C said...

I live in TX10 also. You'll have to enlighten me ... what is your complaint with Rep. Mike McCaul? Other than "being a Republican"?

I think he's been an outstanding representative for our district, my family, our state, and our country.

So, I'd be very interested in your actual (and factual) reasons for your disdain.

Lee said...

Do I need another complaint beyond "being a Republican"? He's been a footsoldier for Bush as our president has driven our nation into the ditch, told us lies to lead us into an immoral and illegal war, and destroyed our credibility in world opinion. I'll turn the question around on you: what are your "factual" reasons to assert that Michael McCaul has been an "outstanding" representative for our district? I'm guessing you're one of the 30% who believes that Bush has been a good president. I'll stand with the other 70% who can see that this war and this administration have been a disaster. Given what's gone on in our nation during McCaul's tenure, if you really believe he's been "outstanding," I doubt there are any facts I can present to you that would make you think otherwise.

Mean Rachel said...

robbie: Can I get in on this? What about the fact that he voted against SCHIP? You know, that little piece of legislation that gets children health insurance? He might as well have taken a sick baby and tossed it off a cliff. Outstanding!

lee: Larry Joe doesn't really drink. Trust me, this made me suspicious as well. But then I thought about it and how much I could get accomplished if I wasn't hung over every Saturday morning and I thought "You know what? I'd probably find a cure for cancer."

And he keeps the fridge at the campaign HQ well-stocked with beer, which is all that really matters in the end.