Monday, October 03, 2011


So here's the deal: As some of you may have heard, in late August, I lost my job. Yes, these difficult times for the print media industry claimed another victim, and it was me — I got laid off.

However, if you're an Austinite, you may have also noticed that I still had a write-up of the Texas Craft Brewers Festival in last week's Austin Chronicle. That's because I'm still covering beer for them on a freelance basis.
(By the way, TCBF was awesome, and I will eventually write something about it.)

So I still have that gig, but not full-time work. If you know of any jobs out there that require strong writing, editing, and communications skills, especially in the Austin area, please let me know. Thanks!


DS Turnbull Law said...

Sorry to hear about your job, but I wish you the best in finding something new soon.

Lee said...


Trim said...

Lee - sorry to hear about the job as well... I am sure you will find something soon. On an un-related note, I wanted to see if you knew anywhere in town that currently has (or may have) Clutch from New Belgium -

I am not usually a sucker for marketing, but I find Clutch to be very bad ass and I generally like New Belgium goods...