Sunday, October 23, 2011

200,000 Visitors!

Today I passed 200,000 visitors, according to Sitemeter. Of course, that's not exactly accurate, because I didn't start using Sitemeter until I'd been doing this for about six months. But good enough for me.

Sorry, there are no prizes, just my gratitude for visiting.

I have no way of knowing exactly who Mr. 200K is, but Sitemeter tells me it was someone from Mountain View, California, using a Macintosh, and they landed on a post I made in 2009 titled "My Wife Is Hot." It doesn't showing me what search terms they used to find me, but something tells me they weren't looking for beer. :-)


Eric said...

wow, that is quite the accomplishment. If only I could say the same! You have a great site so hopefully 300,000 isn't too far around the corner!

Lee said...

Thanks, Eric!