Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Texas Brewers Lobbying Right Now at the Capitol

Press release from Texas Beer Freedom about its activities today at the Capitol:
Texas Beer Freedom supporters host advocacy day in support of HB 660

AUSTIN, TX - Texas brewpub owners and supporters visit the Texas State Capitol in support of HB 660, authored by Rep. Villarreal (D) and Rep. John Garza (R) of San Antonio, to discuss the 64 million dollar impact for the Texas state budget.

"We have a chance to grow small businesses and give consumers access to great Texas beers. I believe in government rules that protect consumers and encourage competition, but our current brewpub laws do the opposite. It's time for a change," said Rep. Villarreal.

House Bill 660 affords our state with an easy opportunity to inject up to $57 million annually in new tax revenues into our state budget. Thatʼs on top of the $7 million of annual tax revenues that our brewpub members currently inject into the state budget. Davis Tucker, NXNW brewpub owner said, “HB 660 wouldnʼt just enable Texas brewpubs to expand their local businesses and create 6,800 new jobs, it would lead to an eightfold improvement in the tax revenue we would provide to the state coffers.”

Texas brewpub supporters from across the state, Denton to San Antonio, will attend the Texas Beer Freedomʼs lobby day. Supporters will testify at the Licensing and Administrative Procedure Committee hearing for HB 660 and then meet with legislators.

“This is an issue for all small businesses facing unfair restrictions,” said Scott Metzger, Freetail Brewing owner. “The state government shouldnʼt limit our right to a free market when brewpubs contribute 7 million annually in tax revenue.”

“HB 660 will allow Texas brewpubs to distribute their beer via the three-tier system in the state they brew it in,” said Lou Dicello, Uncle Billyʼs co-owner. “This will allow our great locally brewed beer to be purchased in Texas and expand our tax contribution to estimates of 64 million annually.”

Texas Beer Freedom is a grassroots effort to support Texas craft beer industry, founded by local brewpub owners Scott Metzger, Lou Dicello, Davis Tucker, Joey Villarreal and Rick Engel. Supporting proposed legislation, TX 82(R) HB 660, is currently the primary focus.This legislative action would allow Texas brewpubs to sell their beer to wholesalers and distributors.

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