Thursday, March 17, 2011

Divine Reserve No. 11 Coming Out March 29

(UPDATE: So apparently, "around April 1" actually means March 29.)

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Will Go Big with Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 11
HOUSTON, March 17, 2011 – Saint Arnold Brewing Company (, the oldest craft brewery in Texas, today revealed plans for its upcoming release of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 11. Brewed in mid-February, Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 11, is a Double IPA (India Pale Ale). The beer is slated for release around April 1, 2011 – no fooling.

The Saint Arnold Divine Reserve series was introduced more than five years ago and generates considerable excitement among craft beer fans for delivering high-quality, full-flavored beer in limited quantities. In response to frustrations voiced by some who have been unable to locate previous releases of Divine Reserve before supplies ran out, Saint Arnold significantly increased production of Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 11.

“We had intended to boost production of Divine Reserve No. 10 to make it easier to find, but we ran into some challenges in the brewing process and ended up with fewer than 2,000 cases and three dozen kegs,” said Saint Arnold Founder/Brewer Brock Wagner. “We intend to come close to doubling production of Divine Reserve No. 11 so that people with jobs don’t have to take a day off to be able to score a six pack. Still, we thought previous production increases would help out with availability.”

This will be the second time the Saint Arnold Divine Reserve series offered a Double IPA, but this is the first Double IPA created by the Saint Arnold brew crew (the recipe for Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 3, also a Double IPA, was based on a winning entry from the Big Bash Brew Bash). Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 11 uses Simcoe, Columbus and Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest, resulting in a very citrusy, hoppy beer. More information on the Saint Arnold Divine Reserve series is available at

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 11 is priced at approximately $16 per six pack and will be available at stores, restaurants and bars in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Even with the larger quantities produced, Saint Arnold is requesting that retailers limit sales to two six packs per customer and is asking customers to limit their purchase to a six pack or two.


Fowl Birdwatcher said...

Hopefully the $16 a sixer is a joke. If not I'll pass.

Lee said...

Fowl: No, it's not a joke. Keep in mind, it's extremely high quality beer and very limited release. The price keeps the beer from being wasted on the merely curious and saves it for true beer freaks. Trust me, based on previous versions of Divine Reserve, it will probably be well worth the price. The Divine Reserve No. 5, an imperial stout, after it aged about three years, lived up to the word "divine." One of the best beers I've ever had.

Fowl Birdwatcher said...

They should sell it in bombers then. I would definitely try it. Otherwise, like the last few, it's a sample at Draught for me.

J R said...

My local beer shop is limiting customers to 2 12oz bottles at $3.99 a piece. There's huge hype, so hopefully they will live up to it.