Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Interview With "Shine On" Author

Tomorrow's edition of The Austin Chronicle will have my edited interview with Mike Renfro, the author of Shine On: 100 Years of Shiner Beer, as well as my tasting review of Shiner Commemorator, Spoetzl Brewery's 100th anniversary beer. But if you just can't stand to wait that long, the online version is already available.

This 1,300-word version is about one-third of the entire interview. Next week, I'll post the uncut version here on I Love Beer.

(UPDATE: Good news; I got my editors to replace the short version online with the long version. So if you have ADD, pick up a copy of the paper; if you're really interested in Spoetzl, go for the online version. I think the longer version is better; it was a really interesting conversation, and cutting it down to fit into the paper was painful. The goodness for teh intertubes.)


War Horse said...

Great job on the interview. I can't wait to read the whole thing here.

I know Brad mentions it in the article about Shiner's memorabilia. It amazes me that a company with that much history and now the market clout to match doesn't have a larger grasp on items from their past. At least they have some stuff though. Pabst's archive is enough to make you cry. With the dozen plus companies they've absorbed over the decades they've got next to nothing on any of them and only a few select items from Pabst. To make matters worse their historian is completely worthless and will work harder on getting out of work than just doing the job in the first place.

Lee said...

Brad? Sorry, I'm sure I should know to whom you're referring, but I'm on my second barleywine of the night and am not recalling what article you're talking about.

War Horse said...

Oops, I meant Mike. I was wondering if he was somehow related to Brad Renfro for some odd reason and I guess I typed Brad by mistake.