Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's Raining Weizenbock

Man, what's the deal with all the good dark wheat beers this year? About a year ago, I had pretty limited experience with dunkelweizens and weizenbocks – Shiner's now-defunct version of the former and Aventinus' take on the latter. But in 2008, Saint Arnold issued the limited-edition Divine Reserve No. 7, Shiner put out the peach-and-pecan flavored Holiday Cheer, and just in the past three weeks or so, I've been knocked out by three tap-only winners. First I raved about North by Northwest's dunkelweizen, and now the cyber-ink was barely dry on my applause for Live Oak's Primus Weizenbock when I found myself marveling over yet another of these banana-tinged beauties: Last night, while screaming like a crazy person over Texas' Fiesta Bowl win over Ohio State, my taste buds were doing the same over Uncle Billy's Brew & Que's "Yule Be Bock." It easily keeps pace with the NXNW and Live Oak brews. Get down there and treat yourself to a few while it's still available (not to mention some excellent barbecue).


Bill said...

Don't forget the Draught House Weizenbock, I think they call it Weizenheimer's, but we used to call it Crazy Beer. Many of us were deprived of our reason by accidentally drinking two of those 22 oz. glasses of that.

Lee said...

I don't know if I've had that. Remember, the last time I probably had a chance to drink one of those, I was probably still under my mistaken assumption that I didn't like all wheat beers, so I probably avoided it. Now that I know better, it might be time for a Thursday night trip down there.