Thursday, June 19, 2008

Divine Reserve No. 7: Sneak Preview

You may remember my earlier post about Kerry Martin: He won a homebrewer contest, and the prize is that his weizenbock recipe will become the seventh edition of Saint Arnold's Divine Reserve series. Kerry was nice enough to drop off a bottle to me (one of his own, of course; Saint Arnold hasn't brewed their batch yet) earlier this week, and I'm savoring it tonight. It reminds me of an even better version of Shiner Dunkelweizen, with lovely roasted malts sparring with a surprisingly strong hop presence for dominance, with my tastebuds being the winner. It will make a fine addition to the prestigious DR history.

If you missed out on the Divine Reserve No. 6, I strongly suggest you go to the Saint Arnold website now and get on their mailing list so that you'll have plenty of warning when No. 7 hits the shelves, probably later this year.


Dan Keeney said...

Expect DR 7 in September -- plenty of time to get it entered in the Great American Beer Festival in the Pro-Am category!

ttrentham said...

And even if you're on the list, you'd better be fast. I got the e-mail and then waited a couple of days to go to Central Market. They were all gone by the time I got over there. Luckily, the Whip-In rations theirs out (and charges more), so I got one to taste and one to save.