Monday, December 22, 2008

Things I Learned Today

1. McCoy's, in the Westport district of Kansas City, brews some great beer. Their imperial stout was great.

2. The Foundry, McCoy's adjacent beer bar, has really magnificent beer selection. Delirium Noel on tap!


Bull E. Vard said...

The Foundry is a fabulous bar.

josh said...

Lee -
It was great to meet you and Margaret last night. Enjoy the rest of your stay and the Boulevard BBQ that (allegedly) awaits you!
I'm glad you enjoyed the McCoy's Imperial Stout. I'm a big fan of the style so I'm biased, but I think that may be the best beer they've done.

Lee said...

Great to meet you too, Josh! Glad we could make some friends among your group, since Trish is the only one we knew. I'm a big imperial stout fan, too -- have you tried Old Rasputin? I know the Red X has it. :-)

Maybe some time we'll be here at the right time to try one of those Red X wine tastings!

josh said...

Yes, and I keep going back and forth as to whether I like Old Rasputin or Yeti (Great Divide) more. I usually end up buying Rasputin because they have them in 12oz bottles (Yeti is only available in bombers, at least in KC).

Generally, the Red X wine tastings have been the 2nd Thursday of the month from 5-7pm. It is a TRIP.

Lee said...

Hey Josh, y'all are welcome to join me and the beer bloggers at 75th Street Friday. Not sure of the time yet, but probably in the afternoon. Send your e-mail address to LMN (at) AUSTIN (DOT) RR (DOT) COM and I'll keep you in the loop.