Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cask-conditioned Saint Arnold's Christmas Ale tonight

Ooh, darn it I'd love to go to this, but I think I've used up my night-out credits for the week. Y'all should go in my stead and tell me how delicious it was. And get yourself a pint glass. Message from Saint Arnold:

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, Zax Pints and Plates, 6pm-A very special tapping of Saint Arnold Cask-Conditioned Christmas Ale! There's a pint glass to be had (while supply lasts), as well as some fine food from Mike and Jeff.


Good Burp said...

How much for a pint glass? Do you take paypal?

Not many breweries have special glasses like that. The last pint glass I got is the one the waitress from Gordon Biersch said I could have...if I "made it up to her".

Who am I kidding, I stole it!

assurbanipaul said...

Eh? Every brewer everywhere has logo'd pint glasses available. Not difficult to find, usually free if you stroke their ego a bit.

As for the cask SA X-Mas: bliss.