Friday, December 12, 2008

Celis Grand Cru sighting

I know some of the old Celis lineup has been reappearing in Austin stores in recent years since it was revived by Michigan Brewing Co., but unless I'm mistaken, Celis Grand Cru hasn't been one of those. But I was in Grape Vine Market yesterday and spotted some on the shelves.

I probably should have grabbed some. I wasn't a fan of Grand Cru back in the day when Celis was an Austin brewery (early 1990s), but that was before I'd learned to drink strong ales. Maybe I'd like it now.

Am I right about this? This is a new development, yes?


Bill said...

New to me, I've only seen the resurrected Celis White. That's awesome, I loved the Grand Cru!

Rob G said...

I recommend you get yourself a bag of those Celis Grand Cru when you see them next! I recently tasted it (see my review at and was mighty impressed!

Their WitBier is alo fantastic (actually I preferred it), so worth acquiring if you happen upon it!