Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike Hits Texas Breweries

That little storm that blew through Texas last weekend has impacted just about everything in our state, including the beer industry. Texas Beer is reporting that Saint Arnold and Southern Star, both of which are Houston-area brewers, are temporarily offline (in the production sense, not the Internet. Of course, both are without power, so they're probably offline in that way as well). Dammit, and I was just getting into Saint Arnold's Oktoberfest. Best of luck getting back into business, guys — thirsty Texans are counting on you.

UPDATE: I just got this note from Brock Wagner, CEO of Saint Arnold: "We got through pretty well. We were without power until last night but we don't think we lost any beer yet. Haven't finished checking everything. There may be a couple of short-term shortages, but nothing major. Hurricanes are impressive!"


Karla said...

Bastard hurricane. I'm due to be in Houston in just under 2 weeks and there was a tour of the St Arnold brewery planned.

Frikkin' hurricane had it IN for me, I just know it.

Lee said...

That's impressive that Ike could affect people all the way out in Norway.