Monday, September 22, 2008

The Food Meme

Okay, I'll jump on this food meme that my wife and several of her friends are passing around.

1. How do you like your eggs?
With beer.

2. How do you take your coffee/tea?
In a stout or porter.

3. Favorite breakfast food:

4. Peanut butter:
and beer.

5. What kind of dressing on your salad?

6. Coke or Pepsi?

7. You're feeling lazy. What do you make?

8. You're feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order?
The kind that tastes good with beer. (Meaning, all kinds.)

9. You feel like cooking. What do you make?
Beer bread. Beer-battered onion rings.

10. Do any foods bring back good memories?
The best times of my life involved beer.

11. Do any foods bring back bad memories?
The worst vomits of my life involved beer.

12. Do any foods remind you of someone?
Most of my friends drink beer.

13. Is there a food you refuse to eat?

14. What was your favorite food as a child?

15. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like?
Quality beer.

16. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate?
Crappy beer.

17. Favorite fruit and vegetable:

18. Favorite junk food:

19. Favorite between meal snack:

20. Do you have any weird food habits?
Drinking beer that is appropriate to the season.

21. You're on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on?

22. You're off your diet. Now what would you like?

23. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai?
Hot enough to balance the cold beer.

24. Can I get you a drink?
Damn, I was wondering when you'd stop asking me these stupid questions.

25. Red or White Wine?
Well dammit, there's another stupid question. Beer!

26. Favorite dessert?

27. The perfect nightcap?


Travis said...

I was surprised you answered #27:Beer... but thats why you fills those kinds of things out right?

Jeffrey said...

Hm. I detect a pattern.