Friday, August 15, 2008

On semi-hiatus for a while

Not only am I not drinking beer for a few days, but I probably won't be beer-blogging much either for about the next week or so. As you may have noticed, the Olympics have started. And as you also may have noticed if you're a regular reader, I am a rabid track & field fan. The track events in Beijing started today and continue through Aug. 24, so I will be obsessively glued to the television instead of the computer until then. I might post if I'm really inspired or blessed with a load of free time (hah!), but otherwise, don't expect much from me.

(Oh yeah: Beijing is 13 hours ahead of Texas, and all the track is being shown on tape delay. If you happen to spot the results of a particular event on the Internet, please, please, please don't talk to me about it until after it has been broadcast on NBC.)


Po said...

Hey, man, did you see that Michael Phelp got 3 gold medals in swimming? I know you were sort of rooting for him.

Lee said...

Um … Po, is this some sort of dry joke that I'm not getting? Phelps got EIGHT medals.