Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Current Addiction

So my wife got on this kick for British-style cream ales a while back, so I grabbed a four-pack of Wexford's Irish Cream Ale (yes, I know British and Irish aren't the same thing, please don't letter-bomb me), and we've both gotten to love it. It's in the tall-boy cans with the nitrogen widget in it, and that nitro makes for some serious creamy goodness. It just glides down the throat, pleasing my tastebuds mightily along the way. Drinking a nitro pour, with its smoother mouthfeel that carbonated beers, always brings back good memories of my lone trip to London which I desperately want to repeat. (2012 Olympics or bust!)

I first heard of this fine brew from Beergirl (recognize that picture, Sara?) and I really owe her big thanks for it.

If you dig Boddington's, shell out the extra two bucks for this instead. Your return on investment will be huge.


Po said...

Did you have some of this in your fridge at Port Aransas?

Lee said...

I think I poured at least one up there.