Saturday, February 16, 2008

Holy Crap – Xmas in February!

Christmas is well behind us now, so I guess the stores and breweries are anxious to kill off their remaining stocks of "holiday beers." I was just at Spec's on Airport, and they had 12-packs of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (one of the greatest beers ever) for only $10.65! (That's provided you pay cash or debit card. It's 5% more if you use a credit card.)


Charles said...

Not breweries but Spec's trying to kill of "old" seasonal beers! Yeah it is a great deal! I usually try to stock up to have enough for the whole year. Believe it or not, Celebration ages really well.

Beer Blokes said...

I am now officially desperate. Not only was Sierra Nevada the inspiration for a number of Australian craft brewers to begin brewing commercially, but a book I recently bought for myself (Christmas present, funnily enough) lists Sierra Nevada Pale Ale as the favourite beer of no fewer than three craft brewers. And do you think I can find it anywhereover here!?! Keep it all to yourselves - you greedy, greedy bastards - and now you rub my nose in it by tellng me how little YOU GUYS have to pay to enjoy it!!! Bastards!! And it ages well, too!!After all we did for you in WWII. And we have bought all your TV shows from Green Acres to Webster and Friends. Don't you think we deserve something for all that? At least if I can't taste it, I can pretend that it's rubbish. But deep down I know it would taste really, really, really good. Bastards.


Lee said...

Here, I'll rub your nose in it even more: Yes, the SN Pale is great, but the SN Celebration Ale is even better.

Bob Knoxious said...

The deals at Central Market I'm going with Distributor got to much :-) Ms Knoxious brought a 12 pack home on Sunday...god bless her.

While it's still awesome, for some reason it tastes better before Christmas.

Lee said...

Actually, she got that 12-pack from me – I called her from Spec's while she was at my house picking up your kids and asked her if she wanted one. You can thank me with a beer next time we're at Flying Saucer.