Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Dream Job!

Okay, I know I did a posting recently on why my job kicks butt, but I've got nothing on the guy in the photo. His name is Scott Kerkmans, and he was just hired to be the chief beer officer the Four Points by Sheraton hotel chain. Chief. Beer. Officer. That's his job title. He researches craft brews to stock in their hotels.

Kerkmans was profiled this morning on National Public Radio's Morning Edition.

Best quote from the broadcast: "At first, I thought my friends would be happy for me. Well, it turns out they're just jealous." Yeah, I'm thinking if you ever bitch about the stress at work you'll be getting no sympathy from them.

Lucky bastard.


Bob said...

I used to be a CBO; the state referred to it as “Unemployment”.

In all seriousness, (really?) if my high school guidance counselor had mentioned jobs like this, I might have finished college.

Oktoberfest Dude said...

Chief beer officer?

I will be Mr. Spock to his Captain Kirk anyday. I will be his Gilligan for crying out loud. Just get me on board!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Heck, I'll start out as Chief Beer Sargent, and go to OCS to become an officer, for crying out loud.

That job kicks ass!

Dara & Doug said...

I'd say I'm jealous, especially since my husband and I applied for the job. I figured they would be interested in the two-for-one aspect: