Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beer Liquor?

I have a friend who recently moved to Paris and did some vacationing in Prague, and he sent me an intriguing e-mail:

no really, lee, czech repubby is where it's at on the beer front. it's cheap and different everywhere you go. breweries that supply only the hillsides around it. i went to the eggenberg brewery in cesky krumlov. wow. they're making ''beer liquor'' over there. unreal.

That, of course, made me ask: What in hell is "beer liquor"? His reply:

i have no idea. but it tasted like grain alcohol with a musty, yeasty aftertaste. and it fucked me up fast. i'm assuming it was the local moonshine.

Any of you readers out there ever heard of this? I know some of you are fans of the Czech Republic.


Bill Shirley said...

Ireland, Scotland, and Kentucky have been making "beer liquor" for quite some time now.

pete in nb said...

I dreamed that Sandra Lee came to my house in a low-neckline Czech blouse, and she made me some Czech Bramboraky, using a box of instant mashed potatoes, and for cocktails we had Beer Liquor.