Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Young's Special London Ale

Yes folks, it's time for the weekly edition of … Wednesday Night Drinking at Work! With your host, Lee Roy. (That's was Bill C.'s old nickname for me.)

Actually, not much time to write tonight — for once, I actually have some work to do. But that's being made bearable by a pint of Young's Special London Ale, which is just about as classic an English beer as they come. I've raved a lot on this blog about Samuel Smith's; well, Young's is right up there with them. As I said about SS, if Young's has made something I don't like, I haven't tried it yet. God, the moment I opened the bottle I could smell the hops wafting across my desk. The temperature was perfect – mildly chilled in H.E.B.'s beer section, but not truly cold. Perfect London pub temp. An absolutely perfect balance of hops and malt, with an undertone of fruit. Oranges, maybe? Anyhoo, I don't have time to play full-fledged beer reviewer tonight; sorry, that's the best I can do. Let's just make the review a quickie: I took a sip, and briefly flashed on a hallucination that I was just a block down from Buckingham Palace watching a soccer (excuse me, football) game on the telly in a place named the Rat & Dog or somesuch. Now do you understand?

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Lee said...

"WNDAW," by the way will probably be the only regularly occurring feature of this blog, since I usually have some dead time every other Wednesday night when it's my night to close out the news section. So check in around 8pm on Wednesdays. (Let's see, that's around 3am for you, Karla.) Unless I get done early, I'll likely have a new sampling.