Thursday, April 20, 2006

Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA, take 2

Okay, I have a few minutes before work, let's see if I can remember the verbiage I lost last night. It certainly won't be as inspired as it was with the beer in my hand (and mouth). For my putting-the-paper-to-bed Wednesday night beer, this week I'm trying Belhaven Twisted Thistle India Pale Ale, a beer that oddly enough is not featured on their website. Drinking actual British IPAs always throws me off a bit, since I was introduced to the style (first brewed for shipping to Her Majesty's soldiers in India) by American brewers, who tend to be really heavy-handed with the hops. Amusingly, the bottle says I will experience "a bitter-dry taste explosion" that "will have your taste buds tingling," but after falling in love with IPAs like Dogfish Head 60 Minute and Stone, this doesn't exactly slap me in the face. However, I am finding that the pleasure comes in the aftertaste – the hoppiness finally kicks in late, and then once your tastebuds know what to look for, it starts finding it from the get-go. In fact, with every sip I'm liking this more and more. Okay, it gets my recommendation, but go into it with different expectations that what you usually might have for IPAs.


Tim said...

I agree, a nice Scottish IPA. Could do with a bit more initial hop burst though.
You can read my quick thoughts here.

Lee said...

Tim, I don't thing you got your html quite right, but I found it. The page Tim refers to is here.