Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Love Beer Fifth Anniversary Party!

Damn, the fifth anniversary of my first post on this blog is coming up on Monday, March 14.

Now, if I had a lick of foresight and promotional savvy – like, say, those clever kids at Beer Town Austin or Craft Austin – I'd have scheduled a big blowout. You know, a special cask, bands, pint glasses, T-shirts, stuff like that. (Or maybe host a pub crawl on the No. 3 bus route!)

But I didn't. In fact, it almost escaped me that year number five was about to pass, because I'm such a dipstick.

So I'm going with something a little lower-key and informal. I'm just going to head to Black Star Co-op (pictured, behind the MetroRail train;
7020 Easy Wind Dr #100, aka where Airport Blvd. hits N. Lamar Blvd.) that night about 6pm and drink until about 9pm. If you're a fan of this blog, please show up, introduce yourself if we haven't yet met, and lift a glass or three with me. I'll be hanging out at the "bar-ninsula" (it'll be pretty obvious where that is when you get inside).

(Oh, don't forget: If you take the MetroRail to Black Star any day this month, show them your train ticket and you get $1 off on house beers.)

(UPDATE: Just so we're clear, no the beer is NOT on me, unless I spill it. So bring your credit card.)

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