Friday, March 18, 2011

HB 602 and 660 Scheduled for Public Hearing

Hey beer lovers, can you get yourself out of bed and get to the Texas State Capitol early next Tuesday morning to support freedom for Texas beer brewers and consumers? A public hearing for House Bills 602 and 660 is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22, at 8:05am, before the Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee. It will be held in the Capitol Extension, Room E2.012. (The extension is the part that is underground, to the north of the historic capitol building. Go into the main Capitol, and have someone point you either to the stairs or the elevators. This map page might be helpful.)

If you support these bills — and if you're reading this blog, you probably do — and you're a Texan, you should go down there and either sign up to speak on behalf of the bill, or if you don't want to testify, at least sign a card indicating your support. Remember, be polite and respectful and explain why this would be good for business and consumers.

Both bills are scheduled fairly early on the agenda, so unless the first bill is controversial, you shouldn't have to wait too long to speak.

(UPDATE: A reminder from craft beer lover Courtney Forsell: "Make sure to come early to get through security and find the room! If you're not familiar with the building, this is in the Capitol extension. Enter the Capitol like normal, but take the elevator down to E2. Walk almost all the way down the hall and right before you get to the outdoor rotunda the room will be on the right.")


Lou said...

Thanks lee! For folks who plan on attending, Please go to and register that u will b attending. We would like to have enough packets Prepared for registrants. Hb 660 will Prob b heard just agree 8am. There will b a post lobby day event at uncle billy's in the afternoon.

Lennie - Saint Arnold said...

Thanks for the support and help in getting the word out, Lee. Brock will be there along with Brad from Real Ale and some other Texas craft brewery reps as well. I hope some Texas loving friends can make it out as well!