Saturday, September 12, 2009

"In the Can" Bud Light Lime Ad

I just gained new respect for Bud Light.


War Horse said...

Bud has always had funny ads. One of the reasons they sell so much damn beer. It's just too bad they put nothing but horse urine "in the can."

War Horse said...

Now that I've thought about this commercial more, I really hope Bud continues this marketing campaign. In fact, I think the big three should all be forced to sell their products in nothing but cans. I'd have to say that as I walk the streets of the city or ride my bike, 90% of the broken bottles I see are some type of Bud product. That's even more so now that the 40oz has fallen out of favor for the drunks and they've moved on to the tall-boy cans. I'd give anything to go through the streets and not see broken shards of this swill on the curbs and sidewalks. Bravo Bud for one marketing campaign I can finally get behind.

Beer Blokes said...

Totally agree with the can vs bottle lament. Same thing occurs over here. And without making light of a sad situation, at least cans are easier to collect and cash-in than broken glass.

Regarding the ads, I can see how they might divide their audience. While it's not an expression we use in Australia, I picked up stright off what the 'gag' was. Do you think they might also look at putting 'beer' in these cans? ;)

Prof. Pilsner