Friday, September 16, 2011

Waterloo Brewing Reunion

Darn it, I meant to post info on this a long time ago, and now it's done snuck up on me: Waterloo Brewing Company was the very first brewpub in Texas, having gone into business immediately after brewpubs were first legalized in Texas (in 1993). Unfortunately, because they lost their lease, its tenure was painfully short, ending in 2001. Many of us still lament its passing. Their Guytown IPA was my introduction to that style, and really opened my eyes to the coming craft beer revolution.

Staff and friends of Waterloo are having a reunion tomorrow (I told you I was late in getting the info up) at Billy's on Burnet. I'm actually not sure if I can make it, but I'm gonna try. And if the 1990s was before your time in Austin, you should still drop by and thank the guys who paved the way for Austin's current craft beer scene. And if you were a Waterloo regular, it's a chance to try some of their brews again. Info I got from Steve Anderson, one of the Waterloo Brewers and still a force in Austin brewing at Live Oak:
The 10th anniversary of Waterloo's closing will be commemorated tomorrow, Saturday the 17th, at Billy's on Burnet. Special appearances by Ed's Best Bitter and O.Henry's Porter will be in the form of two kegs each for sampling. They were brewed by Uncle Billy's and Freetail respectively.
The event runs 4-11pm.

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