Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Orf Brewing Launches (Sort Of)

If you read my article on new Austin brewers last year, you may remember one start-up hopeful named Orf. He's still not fully in business yet, but he'll preview his work with a one-off collaboration with the Draught House this weekend. Message from Orf:
Orf Brewing has collaborated with the Draught House Pub to bring a new beer to Austin. It's a coppery ale with a touch of sweetness and plenty of hop character. We call it Hella Copper. It should go on tap at the Draught House this coming Friday, September 23. It will also be available at the Texas Craft Brewers Festival at Fiesta Gardens on Saturday, September 24. So tell your friends, and drop by the Draught House Pub or the TCBF and taste for yourself the never-before-brewed Hella Copper.

(Photo by Lee Nichols)

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