Thursday, August 18, 2011

Independence News

More lazy cut-and-paste blogging from me. This e-mail I got from Independence had some interesting stuff:

Pint Glass Nights
We have a string of buy the pint keep the glass nights coming up in the next few weeks. We tried to spread them across town so that everyone can come out and enjoy a brew with us! On Tuesday the 23rd at 7pm we will be at Draft Pick featuring Freestyle Wheat. On September 1st 7pm we will be at Black Sheep Lodge with Austin Amber. And for you folks up North we will be at Mr. Tramps this Friday the 19th at 7pm also with Austin Amber.

More Tanks!
We received a very special delivery this week, 2 new fermenters and 1 new brite tank. These tanks will help us turn even more water into brew for your drinking pleasure! Finding a space to put them..... well that’s another story.

Have you had our Summer seasonal Saison? It is a Belgian influenced Summer ale with Clementine zest, pink peppercorns and star anise. It is a great summer time companion but won’t be here for long! It is draft only so get out to you favorite watering hole and drink some.

All Seeing Eye(PA)
Millineum, Nugget, Cascade. Just three of the 7 hops in our latest Brewluminati brew. Imperial IPA? Double IPA? You be the judge, what we will say is that it was brewed in commemoration of brew number 1,000 and we would have never got here without you all. Sightings have been reported at Whole Foods Bar Lamar, Barley Swine, Draught House, Opal’s Divine and Red’’orch. Open your third eye.

More Brewluminati activity. Do you remember our 6th anniversary brew? The Braggot was brewed with a ton of locally sourced Good Flow Wildflower honey. Well, we have reason to believe that it may return soon...

Gettin Sauced
BBQ sauce competition at a brewery? No it’s not a dream, join us on August 27th for brew, BBQ, live music and more. Admission is free as are the complimentary brew samples. If you would like to sample all of the BBQ sauces, wristbands are $8 in advance and $10 dollars at the door. More info at

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