Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Star Co-op: The Food

Dang it, Black Star Co-op's future location is walking distance from my house, but I almost always seem to have a conflict when they're having an event! Well, I need y'all to go in my stead and tell me how it was: This Saturday, July 17, the co-op will take its monthly beer socials beyond the brew and give you a glimpse at what its food menu will be like. Details here.

Last I talked with the co-opers, they said they were shooting for a September opening date. I'm really excited about it.

UPDATE: Black Star + Thirsty Planet = Yum. Black Star e-mailed me to say that they'll have some brews by Thirsty Planet at this event. How cooperative of them! Having gone to Thirsty Planet's grand opening just a few days ago (I'll update soon) I can tell that will be quite enjoyable.


Flapjacks said...

Lee, we're open daily now. Come eat some food.

Lee said...

I did, and it was good. Enjoyed the shrimp and grits appetizer. Pulled pork sandwich not bad, either.