Friday, July 09, 2010

Anti-Microbrewer Group Reiterates Support of Perry

Today, the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas, a lobbying group, reiterated its support of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for reelection. WBDT, of course, is the powerful group that keeps blocking legislative bills that would legalize on-site sales for microbreweries. WBDT made a similar endorsement last year during Perry's primary contest against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Therefore, I think it's time we revisit this post.

Obviously, some things have changed since that posting: Perry, of course, got the GOP nomination; Bill White did, in fact, switch from a U.S. Senate run and became the Democratic nominee; and Kathie Glass is the Libertarian candidate. However, my opinions of WBDT and Perry have not changed.

I just sent an e-mail to the White campaign asking for their opinion regarding on-site sales. As of this posting, they haven't yet replied, but I suspect this photo offers a hint. I'll also ask Glass her opinion; I would assume allowing on-site sales would be the logical Libertarian stance.


StormColorado said...

It is a shame when politics get in the way of the free market. This happens all over the country. Thankfully I live in one of the free beer states where stores have an abundance of craft brews.

Beer Cartel said...

It's frustrating that this happens - it really doesn't give the little guys much chance of increasing their revenue streams.
For the sake of the little guys lets hope he doesn't get in.

Beer Club

Beer Of The Day said...

They wouldn't go for anyone else. And it's far beyond simple support, those groups actively lobby for policies that hurt small brewers.