Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Star Co-op Unveils Brewpub Location

Exciting news, folks: The Black Star C0-op Brewpub has apparently taken a major step toward transitioning from really neat idea to an actual physical business. On Saturday, they'll host a preview event of what will eventually be their brewpub in the new Crestview Station Midtown Commons development. Sadly, I can't make it, but I'm real fired up about the location, because it's within stumbling distance of my house. Pictured is an aerial rendering of what Crestview Station will look like when it's done; now just imagine a member-owned brewpub in the middle of that.


Bill said...

Wow, the only way they could have picked a better location for you would be to take over Brentwood Elementary.

Isn't that the site of the old chemical plant? Will the beer be safe to drink?

The American Don said...

Ah it will be alright.

Lee said...

… says the guy who lives in Houston. ;-)