Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Killing Bats = Bad Karma

The Freetail Brewing Company press release below is a lot more charitable about San Antonio Spurs star Manu Genobli killing a bat that was delaying a game than I am. Learn something about the region in which you live, Genobli. A bat is not a "just a mouse with wings" — bats eat the 5 zillion @#$%ing mosquitoes that can make life a living hell in Texas. We need them, a lot more than we need rich sports stars. I wish the damn thing had bitten him. Or at least, I hope the next time he tries to relax on the back porch of his no doubt lavish house, he gets swarmed by hungry mosquitoes.

UPDATE: Ha ha, I just heard on the news that he has to get a series of rabies shots.


Locally owned and operated brewpub seeks to draw attention to the value of Mexican Free-tailed Bats

(November 2, 2009) San Antonio, TX – Immediately after Spurs superstar and San Antonio hero Manu Ginobili killed a bat that had twice delayed the basketball team’s game versus the Sacramento Kings, Freetail Brewing Co. has announced it is willing to broker a peace accord between the veteran guard and area flying mammals.

“Mexican Free-tailed Bats are an important part of our local eco-system and the Texas State Legislature has in fact recognized this by naming them the Official Flying Mammal of Texas. Many people may not realize that the San Antonio area is home to the largest population of Mexican Free-tailed bats in the world,” said Freetail Brewing Co. Founder and CEO Scott Metzger. “A single bat can eat up to eight times its body weight of pesky insects in a single night, making them a vital asset to area residents who love sitting on the patio, enjoying a beer and taking in Texas’s beautiful vistas.”

“I don’t think it was a big deal,” Ginobili said, later adding, “It’s just a mouse with wings.”

Metzger has a difference of opinion. “While I don’t think Manu has any interest in stomping on bluebonnets, burning pecan trees, or spitting on the Alamo – I think he should recognize how important these creatures are to our area,” adding that he would love to see Ginobili contribute to Bat Conservation International which owns Bracken Cave, home to over 20 million Mexican Free-tailed Bats.

Metzger had a final message for Ginobili, saying “We know Manu is a great citizen of San Antonio, and we look forward to seeing him fly for more dunks while the bats fly through our skies at night.”

Freetail Brewing Co. is founded on the pursuit of creating exciting, innovative and unique world class beers and wood-fired gourmet pizzas. We embrace the laid back and fun-loving South Central Texas culture and set out to create products that mirror the lifestyle of our diverse and rapidly growing community. We believe in promoting an increased appreciation of craft beer and its responsible enjoyment. We believe in going above and beyond customer expectations not only through our products, but also through exceptional customer service. We believe in providing a dining and leisure experience unmatched in the local community. And in case you didn’t get it the first time… we believe in having fun.

For more information visit www.freetailbrewing.com.

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Good Burp said...

Hahaha....I can't stand him. He has made life hell for the Suns.