Monday, May 04, 2009

Now That's What I Call Public Service

Yes Austinites, that's a picture of me receiving a beer from my City Council member (and former Rockdale High School Cross Country teammate) Mike Martinez. My newspaper, The Austin Chronicle, recently hosted a mayoral candidate forum, and Mike — who is not one of the candidates — served as a "guest bartender."

Yes, he worked his way up through the ranks of the firefighters union and fought his way into Austin politics … just so he could get me a brew. But hey, how many of you can say you get that kind of service from your elected representatives?

Except that all he would serve me is Lone Star. I dunno, Mike — I think if you want my vote in future elections, you'd better learn to pour me a Live Oak Big Bark. (Actually, there's a story behind his only serving Lone Stars — we had a dollar-beer "vote with your liver" contest, where you showed support for your candidate with either Miller Lite or Lone Star, and Mike supports the Lone Star candidate.)

(Photo originally appeared in The Austin Chronicle; copyright John Anderson, do not republish without his permission.)

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The American Don said...

His serving you Lone Star doesn't look good for that onsite brew sales. For a second I thought he was serving you Mama's Little Pils from Oskar Blue.

That probably would've gotten him impeached in Austin.