Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On-site Sales Bills Dead?

I chatted with Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston (pictured), on the floor of the House yesterday. She said her bill to allow on-site sales for Texas microbrewers bottled up in committee. "I think I have the votes to get it out of committee, but Mike McKinney [lobbyist for the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas] won't let it out."

Once again, the interests of the powerful kill off a really good idea.

Unrelated note: moments ago, the Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring Spoetzl Brewery (makers of Shiner beer) on its 100th anniversary.


Good Burp said...

Don't you just love Politics. Makes me thing of that AB Lobyist in Washington we met in Beerwars.

Jeffrey said...

I was in Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago and visited the Rahr brewery. I would have happily dropped some cash there for some of their beer. i tried a few nearby stores with no luck. Maybe Mike McKinney can force one of the distributors here to carry their beer. Or maybe Rep. Geren can provide me with a list of places in my area that sell the beer, since he wants to make it so difficult.

Jeff said...

This pisses me off.

Po said...

Grapevine was offloading some of their wares today at prices that I just couldn't walk past. I spent $13.00 and some change, and the bottom of my receipt says I saved over $12.00.
I picked up four Bah Humbug! Christmas Ales ($1.59, or over $2.00 off each bottle!) and a sixer of Pete's Wicked Ale for only $4.59.
Ahhh! Life is good!